Inviting Wisdom (day 60)

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“Love yourself and watch.” –Buddha   I love this quote because it seems so complete, a comprehensive instruction that encompasses the whole foundation of our spiritual progress.   I am writing today on a principle for the program that I call “Look Deeply.”   This principle speaks on seeing the true nature of things, the interconnectedness of different things that happen in our lives; how one choice, one belief, one action, […]

To suppress or express – that is NOT the question (day 59)

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We are taught to suppress our emotions. From the “tribe’s” perspective, that is absolutely understandable. In polite company, an enraged, distraught, or panicked person is, at best, an inconvenience; and at worst, a destructive force.  So what does it really mean to suppress our emotions? Aren’t there situations in which we should contain our feelings? What is actually the alternative? This word “suppress” might not be clear, or it may sound flat […]

Who do I think I am? (Day 58)

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Recently, someone I used to seriously admire asked me what makes me think I am qualified to do what I’m doing or talk about what I am talking about: how to self, how to tribe, how to change, how to live authentically. She said, “Who are you? Why should anyone listen to you? What have you mastered?” She was sure to point out that the last time she had known […]

Why taking shit personal is ruining your life (day 57)

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“Take Nothing Personal”   This is another one of those sayings that gets meme’d to death and passed around social media constantly. If you have been fortunate enough to read the 4 Agreements, you will recognize Don Ruiz Miguel’s description: “Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and […]

Food & Comfort (day 56)

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Tony Robbins taught me to try to see driving forces behind my behavior in terms of the 6 human needs. I am a intuitive type. To me, this means I spontaneously see connections. When I wake up, if I stay in bed for a while and go inside, a wide variety of insights may come up for me about my life, my “problems,” and things I can do to move […]

Narcissism is the New Black (day 55)

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A cascade of disorders, one raining into all the others, inseparable. A clusterfuck of causes feeding a matrix of effects Prohibitively complex There is so much wrong here that I can barely see the joy; it fades in and out by the day, by the minute And minutes are disappearing at the speed of light What’s happening now? But everything they’ve said before is overworked and underappreciated   No one […]

Stay in your Circle of Control (Day 54)

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This expression usually means:  Stay out of other people’s business. Water your own grass. Stay in your power. Do you, boo. In other words, it’s usually drawing a line between you and other people.   I’m going to take this expression down to the level of the SELF. If you have been enlightened enough to learn how to mind your own business, you may have noticed that even within yourself, […]